Terms and Conditions

As a family business, for 53 years we’ve treated all customers as such – family. Those that walk through the doors of our stores are greeted with familiarity and warmth. While the below outlines the processes we will take to eliminate confusion and grey area, we will always use the below in a fair and reasonable manner when dealing with our customers and any challenges that arise.


1.      Order, Availability & Warehousing (applies to in-store purchases only)


When ‘you’ (the customer) orders a product from (‘us’) Spartan Electrical (non-agency), by paying a deposit -- 30% of the order value -- or by paying for the product in full, ‘you’ will enter into a binding agreement with ‘us’. These conditions of sale will apply in relation to the supply of the product.


Products required ASAP will need to be paid in full at the time of placing the order and delivery will need to be arranged within 7 days of stock arriving at our warehouse. 


Whilst we do everything within our power to ensure your stock has arrived at our warehouse or store on-time, some factors are out of our control. Manufacturer or shipping delays may arise from time to time; however, we will ensure open communication to keep you updated on the status of your order.


We request at least 60 days-notice before the required delivery date. Full and final payment should be made upon your products arriving at our warehouse. Any items remaining in our warehouse beyond the agreed delivery date will be stored for a maximum of 60 days. If your products remain in our warehouse longer than this 60-day period, you are at risk of your items being released into general stock hold and sold to another customer. We will then need to re-order your items and you are at risk of facing possible further delays. Alternatively, you can choose to pay a nominated storage fee to avoid your products being released into general stock hold.


If you purchase an item on sale, an item on display or an item that is ‘end of life’, these items are excluded in the above and delivery is required within 30 days of purchase. Your salesperson will advise you at the time of purchase that your item is either a sale, display, or end of life item. 


If we are unable to supply a product for whatever reason, we will ensure we inform you as early as possible to amend, cancel or delay delivery until stock arrives at our warehouse. If you choose to delay your order (max 30 days), we will contact you to arrange re-delivery once the product is available.


2.     Lead times


We ask that you take note of any lead times and delays when it comes to your stock arriving and plan your renovation or build accordingly. Your salesperson will be able to guide you on stock availability and estimated arrivals, but please understand these are a guide only and can change often. 


Stock availability can change on a rapid basis and your salesperson will give you an idea of availability or dates at the time of request, but please keep in mind this could change daily. 


3.     Changes to your order


Changes to orders can occur, and we will do our best to accommodate these requests where possible. Changes or cancellations within the 60-day-notice period; and if your product has already landed into our warehouse, may be subject to a restocking fee. 


4.    Special order products


Special order products require a 30% deposit payment at the time of order and are not eligible for cancellation or change once we we’ve received the goods into our warehouse. Special order products include Zip, Billi, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Pitt, Shaws and any other non-core range of product. Your salesperson will make this clear to you at the time of ordering. Full payment for special order products is required upon us receiving the goods into our warehouse. 


Custom order products require full payment at the time of ordering and will not be eligible for any change, cancellation, or refund under any circumstances once we have received the goods into our warehouse. These items include custom rangehoods, ovens and sinks with additional holes cut, or any products by brands that allow custom colour selection and finishes, (knobs, handles etc)


5.     Manufacturer price rise


Spartan carries a large range of brands from various suppliers. Manufacturer price rises are completely out of our control and whilst in most instances, we will receive advance notice, sometimes a price rise can be implemented quickly.


If you have a quote from a Spartan salesperson, this price is NOT guaranteed or locked in until payment has been made. This means that the price may change at any time, and it is possible that you may need to be re-quoted on your items.


If you have paid a deposit (30%), but not yet paid in full, your salesperson will request that you make full and final payment before the manufacturer price rise impacts the original price of your purchase. If you refuse or fail to make this payment, Spartan reserves the right to cancel the order and refund your deposit. 


If you have paid for your item in full and are awaiting stock to land into our warehouse, or awaiting delivery from us to you, there is no change to your final payment amount.


6.     Pricing, GST & payment.


All prices are inclusive of GST. 


We make every effort to ensure prices and product information displayed online, on social media, in advertising and in our stores is correct and up to date at the time of publication. We reserve the right to not proceed with a sale in the event a price is significantly wrong, resulting in a loss of money. In some instances, and where able, we will honour sales on pricing errors at our discretion.


Spartan accepts multiple forms of payment across our in-store and online business. Including cash (in-store only), VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Zip Money, HSBC Interest Free and AfterPay. A minimum 30% deposit is payable upon order placement for your products.


7.     Agency purchases


Some of the brands and products Spartan range and sell are what is known as an ‘agency’. This means we sell under agency agreements and Spartan is the facilitator of the ranging and sale of the agency products. This means you purchase from the supplier, via Spartan who facilitates the sale. Spartan will arrange other particulars in relation to the sale, however delivery will come from the supplier directly and Spartan doesn’t receive the stock into our warehouse. Payment is made directly to the Agency. Purchasing agency products or brands means you’re subject to their terms of sale. Agency prices are set firmly by suppliers and cannot be changed, amended or discounted by Spartan or our staff under any circumstances.


8.     Returns & refunds


Further to the information above in section 3., the return of products and refunds may be possible in situations where you change your mind, subject to the following as well as payment of a non-refundable collection fee of $49; or the amount of the original delivery fee in circumstances where a fee may have occurred; whichever is greater. This applies when:

        -Your product remains boxed, unopened, and undamaged and you contact us within 30 days of delivery to arrange for collection and return to our warehouse. Once inspected, if deemed still suitable for re-sale, you’ll be offered a choice of credit or refund, less a 10% restocking fee.

        -Your product has been unboxed but otherwise is new, has not been used or connected, you may contact us within 14 days of delivery to arrange for collection and return to our warehouse. Once inspected, if deemed the product is unused and undamaged, you’ll have the choice of a credit or refund less a 20% restocking fee.


We are unable to accept any returns and process any refunds for any products for any reason where the product has been unboxed, connected, and used. Even if the product is deemed ‘like new’ and in perfect working order. We are also unable to accept returns and process refunds for any custom orders, regardless of if the product has remained boxed and disconnected following delivery. 


Please note, if you are eligible for a refund, Spartan will only give you the refund once we’ve received the product(s) back into our warehouse, inspected them and assessed whether they’re eligible for the refund to be processed. All refunds (both in-store and online) are STRICTLY to be made only to the original payment method used to purchase the product. Whilst we will make every attempt to perform cash refunds in cash, we reserve the right to use alternate options for cash refunds. 


9. Use of our website


By using (our website) you agree by these Terms and Conditions as they apply to your access of this website. If you don't wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions outlined here, you agree not to use the website. 


The material and content of our website is protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. Spartan Electrical is the owner of this material and content unless otherwise specified. Downloadable material may sometimes be available, but only if used as a guide or informative resource. Downloadable material and content may not be copied, reproduced or republished on other websites, social media accounts or for any commercial distribution. Downloadable material and content will be specifically labelled as such.


Pricing on our website is formed by a mixture of ways, including manual input, automatic input and update as well as report-generated pricing updates. Spartan Electrical reserves the right to not process or fulfill an order with incorrect pricing due to an error of one of the above pricing input methods. In some cases, orders with incorrect pricing may be fulfilled, but this is at the discretion of Spartan Electrical at the time of order fulfillment. If an incorrectly priced order is deemed cancelled on our end, Spartan Electrical will advise you of this and make a reasonable effort to discount the product to a suitable price (if the item is a non-agency product), offer a suitable alternative product, or another type of compensatory offer at the discretion of Spartan Electrical.


10.     General


The above Conditions of Sale form the entire agreement between ‘you’ and ‘us’. 


Even if you’re a regular customer at Spartan, we recommend regularly checking and refreshing yourself on these conditions of sale as they can change without notice. Any change to these conditions will only apply to future orders or current quotes. None of our suppliers and manufacturers or salespeople have the ability to change these conditions. 


We reserve the right to terminate your contract or account with us.


We will not be liable for any delay or failure to perform our obligations under these Conditions of Sale if such delay is due to any circumstance beyond our reasonable control. 


Please note nothing in these Terms and Conditions overrules, diminishes, or changes your rights to a repair, return or replacement that is afforded to all consumers under standard Australian Consumer Law.


For specifics relating to Delivery & Installation, please click HERE.